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Solar Tree

The Solar Tree is a revolutionary solar energy solution that combines aesthetics with functionality. Resembling a tree with branches, this innovative structure is equipped with solar panels on its "leaves." The Solar Tree efficiently harnesses sunlight from multiple angles, maximizing energy capture throughout the day. Its design also offers shade and a pleasant space for people to gather. The Solar Tree can be installed in parks, public spaces, and plazas, not only providing clean energy but also becoming a symbol of sustainable progress and community engagement. Our EV Charging Station Service aims to cater to the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners, empowering them with convenient and accessible charging solutions. Whether it's a commercial setting, residential area, or public space, we design and install EV charging stations that deliver seamless charging experiences to EV users.


Solar Parking

Solar Parking systems leverage open parking spaces to generate solar energy while providing shade for parked vehicles. By installing solar panels on carports or shade structures, these parking lots become clean energy hubs that reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles parked beneath them. Solar Parking not only encourages the adoption of electric vehicles by offering charging stations but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility for businesses and organizations.


Solar Bench

The Solar Bench is a smart and eco-friendly seating solution for public spaces. This bench is equipped with built-in solar panels on its seating surface, which capture solar energy throughout the day. The stored energy powers USB charging ports, LED lighting, and even Wi-Fi connectivity, offering the public a convenient and comfortable resting spot. The Solar Bench not only provides green energy amenities but also enhances the safety and accessibility of urban areas, making it an ideal addition to parks, walkways, and recreational spaces.


Solar Street Light/Camera

Solar street lights are a practical and sustainable alternative to traditional street lighting. These self-contained units are equipped with solar panels, battery storage, and LED lights. During the day, the solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity, stored in the batteries for nighttime use. As the sun sets, the LED lights automatically illuminate, providing efficient and reliable lighting without the need for grid power. Solar street lights are easy to install, reduce energy costs, and contribute to safer and well-lit public spaces, making them an excellent choice for roadways, pathways, and remote areas without reliable electricity access. Same power from solar panel can be utilized to power camera for surveillnace.


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